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Astronomy Links

These links are provided as a courtesy for your exploration and education.  CTAS does not endorse the content of these links.  CTAS does not endorse the veracity of any claims, recommendations, or reputation of these links.  Not all of these links have been verified.

Please note that the best advice is always to find an astronomy club.  Every amateur astronomy club everywhere accepts newbies with open arms, let's anyone look through their telescopes, and answers all questions (there are no stupid questions).  It's the best way to learn.


Amateur Astronomy


Astronomical League
Binocular Messier Club
Messier Club

Williamson County Astronomy Club



Astronomy Calendar


Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar
Space Calendar - NASA

This Week in Space


Astronomy Bulletins


Astronomers Telegram

Astronomy Picture of the Day



Alan Friedman
AstroPhoto Insight Magazine

Robert Reeves


Area Organizations & Tourism
Bosque Museum

Clifton Chamber of Commerce

Gatesville Chamber of Commrce

Village of Turnersville



Cool Stuff
Chrome Experiments
Uncommon Knowledge About Astronauts

CTAS & CTAS People


CTAS on Facebook

CTAS on Twiitter

Meyer Observatory on Twitter

Paul Derrick's Stargazer Page
Paul Derrick's Newspaper Column




Cornell University Science Archives

Hands On Universe
The Planetary Society

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

KNCT-FM Live Audio Stream (StarDate)
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Astronomy

Telescope Buying Guide (recommendations not endorsed, but some good general info)

Finder Charts & Databases

StSci Digital Sky Survery

Telrad Charts for Messier Objects




General Resources

American Meteor Society

Night Sky Network
The Nine Planets - Multimedia Tour
Space Center Houston (Summer Camps)
NASA Real Time Information
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Sunrise/Sunset Calendar
Astronomy Guide


Light Pollution 

International Dark Skies Association

Light Pollution Effects
Online Guide to Light Pollution
Texas Dark Skies Association


Museums, Observatories, & Planetariums

Calvin College Observatory

Fox Park Observatory

Mayborn Planetarium
Meyer Observatory on Twitter
McDonald Observatory

Three Rivers Foundation
U.S. Naval Observatory
Winer Observatory (Roll-Off)


NASA Web Sites

NASA Space Place

Annular Eclipse

Venus Transit

Other Astronomy Organizations

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
Barnard Seyfert Astronomical Society

Eldorado Star Party
International Dark Sky Association
IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association)

Texas Star Party

Okie - Tex Star Party




Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine

ICARUS (International Journal of Solar System Studies)
Sky and Telescope Magazine
Sky Maps
StarDate Online


Weather & Sky Conditions


McDonald Observatory Clear Sky Clock
Meyer Observatory Weather


Research Projects

Anjum Mukadem Wins Trumpler Award

Anjum's Masters Thesis

Anjum's PhD Thesis

Argos Online
Argos Live Display

Center for Backyard Astrophysics

Delaware Asteroseismic Research Center

Mike Montgomery Website

What Astronomers are Doing at McDonald Observatory


White Dwarf Research Corporation
Whole Earth Telescope
Period04 Program

Is there a site that should be listed here? A site here that is no longer active or has moved?  If so, email our Webmaster.  Thanks.